The York Group is a leading casket manufacturer and distributor of funeral products and services.

The York Group is proud to lead the funeral profession to a new standard in products, services and support. They continue to invest in consumer research and innovation for the benefit of our customers and the families they serve.

In 2001, The York Group completed a merger with Matthews International Corporation and now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Matthews. The merger gives The York Group, Inc. additional resources to broaden product offerings and enhance services for funeral industry professionals nationwide.
Over the years, The York Group has built a reputation for innovative merchandising strategies that allow its customers to provide an unprecedented level of service to the families they serve.

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Every Clark vault is guaranteed to protect the casket from water and other elements through the use of an air seal principle. This can be easily demonstrated by turning a glass upside down and then submerging the glass into water. The air trapped inside the glass prevents the water from rising more than a fraction of an inch. The same is true of a non-porous Clark metal vault. The air trapped inside the dome prevents outside water from reaching the casket.

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